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    Most mask sprays on the market are designed to treat mask odor using essential oils only and provide no COVID neutralizing performance to your mask. Although our GLYCOBLOCK MBS does employ essential oils for fragrance, the GLYCOBLOCK active ingredient will stay on your mask after the essential oils have evaporated providing an additional layer of protection to your mask.

    GLYCOBLOCK performance is different from alcohol performance. A 70% solution can effectively break down the COVID virus “shell” and destroy the virus, but alcohol quickly evaporates and does not impart continuous long lasting efficacy to your mask. GLYCOBLOCK was designed to provide continuous COVID neutralizing performance for a mask in active use. Also, to many, 70% alcohol is not very pleasant to smell, requiring time to evaporate from the mask prior to use.


    We recommend you apply 4-6 pumps of GLYCOBLOCK to your mask prior to wearing the mask. We suggest reapplying GLYCOBLOCK each time you put the mask on (i.e. spray your mask while in your car, prior to entering a store). Not only will this reapplication routine build up the concentration of GLYCOBLOCK on the surface of your mask, it will also impart a refreshing scent you didn’t realize you were missing.

    GLYCOBLOCK active ingredient (glycolipid) will remain on your mask until it is washed off with soap and water. After washing and drying your reusable mask, simply reapply GLYCOBLOCK to your mask to add that COVID neutralizing performance.

    Yes, you should routinely wash your mask and replace disposable masks. GLYCOBLOCK is a long lasting, COVID neutralizing treatment for your mask while in active use. Washing with soap and water is (and always will be) the best way to ensure you kill the COVID virus on a used mask.

    Although GLYCOBLOCK is safe for your skin and is an isotonic solution (i.e. similar salt concentration to your body), it was designed for use on Masks and PPE material (i.e. clothing) and does not have any added moisturizers to support health skin (i.e. aloe). You are free to use it on your hands, but high quality hand sanitizer is probably a better option.


    No, GLYCOBLOCK MBS can only be purchased through our Amazon store and on this website. No third party vendors have been approved to sell GLYCOBLOCK MBS.

    No, this product is blended, bottled, packaged and shipped directly from our facility. If your package arrives unopened, then the product has not been tampered with. If the product moves to a third party seller (i.e. grocery store, gas station, etc.) we will incorporate a tamper seal on these products.


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